Upcoming Intelex Client Webinars

We have three more FREE client webinars coming up, make sure to register and join in the fun!

How to Leverage Intelex Exchange v2 – February 11th

This introductory webinar is designed to take you step-by-step through the new Intelex-Exchange v2! Learn how to: create your profile & set your privacy settings; connect with the Intelex team and other Intelex users; post discussions & suggestions; register and watch free training webinars; download free dashboards, scorecards & reports; read eNewsletters, success stories & press releases; download Intelex user manuals & technical documents

Fun With Filters – February 18th

Providing an overview of filter behaviours & whereabouts in the Intelex System, this webinar will help you better utilize your filtering options! Don’t know where the Filters are? Not sure when to use quick vs. advanced? Need a refresher on how to use 'and', 'or', '(' or ')'? Want to see examples of when to use 'equals', 'starts with', and everything in between? Then join us on February 18th at 11:00am for a full hour of Filter Fundamentals.

Introduction to Scorecards – March 9th

Whether you're creating your first scorecard, or could use a refresher course in building scorecards, this webinar is for you! Learn how to display real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) on dashboards and homepages! Spanning three distinct categories, there’s a scorecard suited for your specific needs! Learn all about them and how they can help your business or organization today.

Remember to visit our Webinars section on Intelex Exchange for all of our most recent Webinar announcements. See you there!

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