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Notes from the Help DeskHey Blog readers!  With the release of Intelex 5 officially in the books, the Client Relations Team, in addition to posting free Intelex-Exchange content, would like to continue sharing success stories and other interesting musings/developments from the world of Intelex.

Just prior to the release, Project Consultant Devon Ambrose, along with Help Desk Team Lead Jeff Preager, had the opportunity to visit with Kikkoman Foods Inc., in Walworth, Wisconsin for the purpose of conducting on site training.  If you’ve ever used soy sauce in any of your gastronomic culinary experiments, I’m positive Kikkoman is a company you’re familiar with.

Using Intelex’s Environmental and Safety Management Systems, this particular training session focused on Safety Incident Reporting, Document Control, Audit Management, Safety Meetings, Hazards and Risk Assessment, and reporting (Dashboard and Scorecard building). 

Several factors helped make it unique: the most intriguing of which was an Intelex initiative to enhance Help Desk awareness.  By having Jeff actively participate in training, the Help Desk immediately gained a first hand sense of both training requirements and client expectations.  Jeff was also able to form a more personable relationship with Kikkoman representatives, individuals he’s closely communicated with in the past.

Not only did Kikkoman benefit from having two trainers present, this invaluable experience has allowed the Help Desk to more effectively prepare for clients transitioning to ongoing support, something all Intelex clients will benefit from.

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