Intelex 5 Has Arrived

Hello Intelex Users,

Intelex rolled out our latest release of the Intelex System – Intelex 5 to our ASP clients last week. Our enterprise clients will receive the updated system within the next two.

I believe Intelex 5 is our best release yet. Version 5 boasts excellent new features including the following showstoppers:

  • Message Center: The Message Center adds a whole new collaborative dynamic to the Intelex System. Are you viewing a Training Course you want to ask a question about? Send an email to the instructor with a link back to the course. Want to have a discussion about the latest revision of a document? Instantly post a comment and begin a discussion thread. All of this can be done using the Message Center fragment appearing on each page of the Intelex System.
  • Home Pages: Home Pages enable you to 'highlight' the reports, scorecards, modules and features from throughout the Intelex System that you want your users to notice. The new System Home Page is represented by a Home icon on the Main Toolbar, and the newly designed Module Home Pages are accessed through the first tab on each module. Pre-built home pages have been installed on all of your systems; however, all of the new Home Pages can be changed to focus on the features you want to highlight most. Also, note that you have the option of making Home Pages appear automatically when navigating to any Module within your Intelex System.  This can be enabled through your System's Centralized Setup Section.
  • Centralized Setup Section: As the name implies, this is your one-stop shop for everything related to configuring and customizing your Intelex System. On the top right-hand corner of the Intelex Interface you'll notice a 'Setup' icon. By clicking on this icon you'll be able to access all of the configurable features available. We hope you'll find that the Centralized Setup Section makes configuring the Intelex System faster and more user friendly than ever before!
  • Configurable Reports Improvements: When viewing a report in the Intelex System, you can now click directly on any record number automatically drilling down to its details. This also works on Matrix Reports by clicking on any numeric formula. Also in Configurable Reports is a new security layer, which enables you to control whether or not users can edit or view reports.
  • Employee Groups: Do you send documents/records to the same group of employees on a frequent basis? Do you want to assign security or send emails to a specific group of people? You can now create an Employee Group (similar to distribution lists in MS Outlook) to quickly assign security, send documents, or email messages to that group of employees in just one click.
  • Other Enhancements: There are over a 160 new enhancements to the Intelex System, including a new Site Map, an improved Dashboard Editor, over 15 new Scorecards, Electronic Signatures (for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance), Configurable Calendars and much more!

Thank you very much for support of Intelex. We hope that you enjoy the release!

Best Regards,

Mark Jaine
Intelex Technologies Inc.

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