New Free Training Reports on

Five new free training reports and two new training scorecards are available to be downloaded from Intelex-Exchange by Intelex clients using the Training Management System.

Enjoy! These new reports and scorecards should make your jobs a little easier.


Training Hours & Costs by Course: Gives the total duration of hours and cost spent on each course based on the location and categorized by pass and fail.

Course Lists: Lists all the courses that have been assigned to the workgroup, and is grouped on the basis of the workgroups.  It also shows the priority of the course assigned as well as the location at which the courses are assigned to the workgroup.

Training Hours This Year vs. Last Year: Sums up the total number of hours on training for each course and compares the number of hours for this year versus last.

Cost of Training by Course: Shows the total cost associated with each course for a given location, and is grouped by months for the current year.

Grades Distribution: Shows the grades distribution among the employees taking the training, and the number of employees who passed the course.


Training Cost This Year Vs. Last Year: Displays a bar graph showing the total cost spent on each location for training this year and last year.

Training Cost by Course Shows the amount spent on each training course that is being offered. Grouped by the month for the current year.

Please contact your Intelex Client Relations Account Manager or the Intelex Help Desk at, if you experience difficulty downloading these reports and scorecards.

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