2009: The Year for Environmental Change?

According to a recent article published by the BBC, the fight against climate change could get a much needed shot in the arm should a proposed European Union (EU) climate deal pass European Parliament legislation. 

In an effort to reduce emissions before irreparable climatic damage occurs, “the plan, agreed at a Brussels summit … [commits] the EU to cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20% by 2020.  It must also raise renewable sources to 20% of total energy use and achieve a 20% cut in energy use.” 

In light of President-elect Barack Obama assuring Americans of stringent environmental policies forthcoming in the United States, the proposed EU deal, although criticized for, “not [going] far enough”, provides reason for optimism and emphatically affirms that global responsibility is needed to effect positive environmental change.

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To view the BBC article in its entirety, navigate to “EU leaders reach new climate deal”.  

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